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But after suffering through the ravages of foreign diseases such as smallpox their numbers dwindled.

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Newcombe Victoria, B. Robinson, , p.


Boyd, George M. Guilmet, David L. Since the arrival of settlers, entire villages of or more are emptied of their living inhabitants because of the disease. Their artifacts remain. He became one of the first traditional artists to deal with many types of Northwest Coast sculptural styles.


They put off eating them till no other food was available, and then began a terrible time of sickness and distress. A dreadful skin disease, loathsome to look upon, broke out upon all alike. None were spared.


Men, women, and children sickened, took the disease and died in agony by hundreds, so that when the spring arrived and fresh food was procurable, there was scarcely a person left of all their numbers to get it. Camp after camp, village after village, was left desolate. The remains of which, said the old man, in answer by my queries on this, are found today in the old camp sites or midden-heaps over which the forest has been growing for so many generations.

Totem Poles of the Gitksan.

Upper Skeena River, BC. My mother thought it was a good place to live since it was full of English people and she was a life-long, ardent anglophile. She is the best example of brainwashing that the Indian residential school system ever turned out.

Sophie Gladstone supported her family by working as a dress-maker and designer in Victoria. Although the young Reid had some interest in carving,. At the time he met his grandfather, Charles Gladstone, Reid was already working in radio and he soon moved to Toronto to take up a job with the CBC. Mungo learned his craft from his stepfather Charlie James.

He restored totems and taught others the skill until he died in In the s his grandson Richard Hunt continued his work. At first he had wanted to be the best soap salesman chief salesman for Procter and Gamble but he soon became bored and. Working the 6 p.

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Reid also served an apprenticeship there. In the recent Haida past, tattoo designs were strong symbolic statements about who their wearers were as individuals and as social entities. Reid's third phase is marked by his return from London in '69, where he was studying museum collections while learning at the Central School of Design to master another ancient technique: the lost wax.

He settled in Montreal for three years where he completed the Milky Way, an intricate gold and diamond necklace with detachable brooch. He also created important works, among them the iconic boxwood Raven and the First Men, and several three-dimensional gold boxes inspired by Haida mythology. He also began his multiple edition-pieces. After being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he returned to Vancouver in where he lived until his death in Over the years Reids work moved towards greater complexity and increasingly three-dimensional creations, culminating in a series of gold repousse bracelets and three-dimensional hollowware.

His visionary skills coupled with his mastery of the techniques enabled him to create powerful, three-dimensional jewelry works that were indeed deeply carved. Reid's quest for understanding the essence and the roots of a unique art form led him to discover his own "Haidaness" and, in the process, restored much of the dynamic power, magic, and possibility to the art. In doing so he became the catalyst to empower a whole Nation.

Bill Reid

Who was Bill Reid? Separated from his first wife. Three Phases of Bill Reid Dr. It was at this time that he began to focus on the works of Edenshaw, which he first encountered -- in the form of two gold bracelets -- at his grandfather's funeral in He studied the several hundred pieces of gold and silver jewellery by Charles Edenshaw in museums and copied images from John R. Through studying and copying Edenshaw's creations, Reid came to understand some of the fundamental dynamics of Haida art.

Bill Reid: The Making of an Indian

In the work of Edenshaw, he discovered a living reflection of the Haida culture whose light, by Reid's time, appeared to be almost extinguished. He became involved with totem pole salvage and restoration projects of the Royal British Columbia Museum and the University of British Columbia's Department of Anthropology; through the museum he had his first professional wood-carving experience on a brief stint working with Kwakwaka'wakw master-carver Mungo Martin.

In , after reading on-air an item about a UBC Department of Anthropology project to reconstruct a section of a Haida village -- two houses and five poles -- he promptly applied for, and was given, the job, thereupon resigning from the CBC. The resulting carvings, through which Reid essentially taught himself the craft of pole-making, were completed in and are now outdoor exhibits at the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Back to Exhibitions.

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Their language is gone. Their mythology is gone. The genealogies of the big families are lost. If they're going to find their way back to the world of cultured men, then they have to begin at the beginning. Alsford Bill Reid was born in Victoria, B.