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The Big Eye. Max Simon Ehrlich. Asimov, Isaac — a later book, Robots and Empire gave a different explanation. There Will Come Soft Rains. Ray Bradbury in The Martian Chronicles. The City.

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Five [19]. Arch Oboler — the film shows the aftermath of a nuclear war, centered on a group of five survivors. Ray Bradbury — short story in The Illustrated Man.

When Worlds Collide film. The Day of the Triffids. John Wyndham — Initially thought to be a blinding meteor shower, but later suggested to be a manmade satellite based weapon accidentally discharged, allowing the bioengineered Triffid plants to dominate. Captive Women [22]. A new primitive society emerges long after a nuclear war. Invasion USA [ citation needed ]. Star Man's Son [14]. Norton, Andre Also published as Daybreak: A. Daphne du Maurier — survival horror.

The short story The Birds by Daphne du Maurier — made into the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock — in which birds begin launching spontaneous mass attacks against humanity. Gerald Heard ; a mildrew-generated fog appears to undermine civilization. The Nine Billion Names of God. Clarke — A short story taken from the short story collection of the same name. Wylie, Philip — Cautionary for its time , civil defense -themed "tale of two cities": One fictional American city is ready for nuclear World War III, while the other isn't.

The Offshore Island. Some Will Not Die. Slaves To The Metal Horde.


The Last of the Masters. Philip K. Dick — short story novelette by Dick, Philip K.


Elsewhere, the last government, a highly centralized and efficient society, is in hiding from the Anarchist League, a global militia preventing the recreation of any government. Day the World Ended [19]. John Wyndham — U. The aftermath of a nuclear war in a rural Canadian community. The Long Tomorrow [28]. Brackett, Leigh — in the aftermath of a nuclear war scientific knowledge is feared and restricted.

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World Without End [22]. Edward Bernd, starring Hugh Marlowe , Rod Taylor — Robust 20th Century men—narrowly escaping the ubiquitous "time warp"—kill giant spiders, help pale nerds and their beautiful women emerge from underground, and retake the post World War III surface from troglodyte mutants.

The Last Word. Fritz Leiber — A small family struggles to survive at near-zero temperatures after Earth is ripped from its solar orbit. Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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John Christopher — A virus that destroys plants causes massive famine and the breakdown of society. Made into the film No Blade of Grass. Nevil Shute — also the films based on the book. Rand, Ayn — American society slowly collapses after the country's leading industrialists mysteriously disappear. Teenage Cave Man [19]. Raymond F. Jones , The world's machinery grinds to a halt after comet dust arrives.

Terror from the Year Doomsday For Dyson. A made-for-television play by J. Several of the issues brought up in the programme were discussed in an hour-long debate following its conclusion. A group of survivors from an atomic war become trapped in an underground station — During the play, broadcast live on Armchair Theatre , one of the actors Gareth Jones actually died whilst the show was on the air.

George, Peter — filmed as Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick. The poem from Collected Poems — by George Macbeth. On the Beach [33]. The World, the Flesh and the Devil [19]. Adapted from M. Shiel 's The Purple Cloud. A TV adaptation of a play by Marghanita Laski.

Pat Frank — the aftermath of a nuclear war in a rural Florida community.

FUTURO - the House of Tomorrow: Compiled from Relics in CyberSpace

Level 7. The Twilight Zone — numerous episodes, and its revivals.

Atomic War Bride [ citation needed ]. A Yugoslav science fiction drama film directed by Veljko Bulajic. The Final War. Shigeaki Hidaka, a Japanese film about a third world war started when the US accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on South Korea Japanese title: Dai-sanji sekai taisen: Yonju-ichi jikan no kyofu. The Time Machine [22]. A Canticle for Leibowitz. Miller, Jr, Walter M. The Last Woman on Earth. The Earth's oxygen levels drop suddenly, suffocating most life—survivors in an oxygen-producing jungle speculate that this happened because of "a bigger and better bomb" but the reasons are not made clear.

Beyond the Time Barrier. Galouye, Daniel F. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.