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Gawain and Lady Green (Merlin's Harp, book 2) by Anne Eliot Crompton

Gawain is given a sash by the lady which is said to protect the wearer from harm. Reluctantly he accepts the sash and does not tell Bercilak that he received this from the lady. He does this because he puts his trust in a material item instead of God to protect him from harm. Gawain sets out for the Chapel and finds the Green Knight there honing his ax.

Gawain bending over for the blow is feinted by the knight. When this happens Gawain flinches and is chastised by the knight for doing so. The knight raises the ax for a second time and feints the blow again. The Knight raises his ax for a third time and nicks Gawain on the back of the neck.

The knight explains that the first two strokes were symbolic of the exchanges at the castle between Gawain and the lady which he resisted, and the final blow was representative of Gawain failing the final exchange and accepting the sash in place of faith in God. The knight says that it could be forgiven and praised him for being one of the most faithful men he has ever seen. Gawain feels that he has faulted himself and the confidence of others, but is once again forgiven by his peers.

This poem has a lot to do with the way in which man lives his life. Tests and challenges face man every day, and to be forgiven of these is normal.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Part Two

This story will always be remembered for its intricate poetry in the handling of Gawain, and can be used as a standard in which one can judge himself. Gawain is a man, and men have forgivable faults. Article last reviewed: St. Skip to content. Sun-Flower: Poem Analysis. A nude Gawain lies peacefully in a curtained bed while Lady Bertilak caresses him under the chin, a common medieval gesture of romantic intimacy.

In the narrative, Gawain feigns sleep when he hears Lady Bertilak break with social convention and enter his curtained chamber. Lady Bertilak in the illustration smiles coyly at the sleeping knight, who rests bound beneath his bedclothes.

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Ultimately the knight secretly accepts a girdle from Lady Bertilak, which he does not reveal nor return to Lord Bertilak, thus casting some doubt on his knightly reputation. Sheila Fisher and Janet E. Tennessee University Press,

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (BBC Documentary)