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All good Remembrances to the Wife and those of your Children who remember yours ever, E. I have a wonderful Museum of such scraps of Portrait; about once a year a Man sends me a Portfolio of such things. De Soyres came here the other Day, and we were talking of you; he said you had invited Newman to your house. A brave thing, if you did.

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I think his Apology very noble; and himself quite honest, so far as he can see himself. The Passage in No.

Allen and your Family a Happy time of it. And with all her perpetual travels to improve health and spirits which lasted perfectly well to near ninety one would have been more interested if there were one single intimation of caring about any Body but herself, helping one poor Person, etc.

Judging by your last Letter, I suppose this was unexpected by yourself: I have no means of knowing whether it was expected by others beside those who voted you to the Honour. Well, at our time of Life, any very vehement Congratulations are, I suppose, irrelevant on both sides. But I am very sure I do congratulate you heartily, if you are yourself gratified.

Whether you are glad of the Post itself or not, you must, I think, be gratified with the Confidence in your Scholarship p.

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And so far one may unreservedly congratulate you. To-day I was looking at the Carpenters, etc. Market hill : Woodbridge , March 19 []. You shall hear a very little about me; and you shall tell me a very little about yourself? I forget when I last wrote to you, or heard from you: I suppose, about the end of Autumn.

Here have I been ever since, without stirring further than Ipswich: and seeing nobody you know except R. Groome once. I have written to congratulate him in a sober way on his Honours; for, at our Time of Life, I think exultation would be unseasonable on either side. He will make a magnanimous Master, I believe; doing all the Honours of his Station well, if he have health. Spedding wrote me a kind long Letter some while ago. Duncan tells me Cameron has had a slight Paralysis. Death seems to rise like a Wall against one now whichever way one looks. When I read Boswell and other Memoirs now, what presses on me most is—All these people who talked and acted so busily are gone.

The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle

It is said that when Talma advanced upon the Stage his Thought on facing the Audience was, that they were all soon to be Nothing. Besides, one feels somehow that a bad Fellow like Croker mars the Good Company he introduces. One should stop with Malone, who was a good Gentleman: only rather too loyal to Johnson, and so unjust to any who dared hint a fault in him. Yet they were right.

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Piozzi, admits that she had a hard time with Johnson in his last two years; so irritable and violent he became that she says People would not ask him when they invited all the rest of the Party. I really find my Society in such Books; all the People seem humming about me. But now let me hear of you, Allen: and of Wife and Family. However, I suppose my Letter, so addressed, will find you and not the Old Lion now stalking in the Shades.

When he was in his money Troubles I did the same from many other of his Letters, and Thackeray asked Blackwood to give ten pounds for them for his Magazine. But we heard no more of them. I have the usual Story to tell of myself: middling well: still here, pottering about my House, in which I expect an invalid Niece; and preparing for my Ship p.

William Airy talks of coming to me soon. I am daily expecting the Death of a Sister in law, a right good Creature, who I thought would outlive me a dozen years, and should rejoice if she could. Things look serious about one. If one only could escape easily and at once! For I think the Fun is over: but that should not be.

May you flourish in your high Place, my dear Master now I say for this long while.

And all my Stays there were very pleasant indeed: and I do not the less thank you for all your Constancy and Kindness. William Airy was to have come here about this time: and him I am obliged to put off because another old Fellow Collegian, Duncan, [77] who has scarce stirred from his Dorsetshire Parsonage these twenty years, was seized with a Passion to see me just once more, he says: and he is now with me: a Hypochondriack Man, nervous, and restless, with a vast deal of uncouth Humour.

My Ship is afloat, with a new Irish Ensign; but I p. Only yesterday I took down my little Tauchnitz Sophocles to carry to Sea with me; and made Duncan here read—. I believe I write all this knowing you are at Ely: where I suppose you are more at Leisure than on your Throne in Trinity. But no doubt your Tyranny follows you there too; post Equitem and all. Woodbridge : Friday [ June , ]. I got your new Address from your Brother a Fortnight ago. My idle reading all goes down to a few Memoirs and such things: I am not got down to Miss Braddon and Mrs.

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Wood yet, and I believe p. You are very good to talk of sparing a Day for me when you come down. I will be sure to be at home any Day, or Days, next week. It is stupid not to get up those three noble Pieces as well as one can.

I have not yet done my house: and, when I write of Furniture, it is because I want to get so much ready as will suffice for an Invalid Niece who wishes to come with her Maid by the End of June, or the Beginning of July. Your old opposite Neighbour p. He has humour too. I think you and Elizabeth should one day come and stay in this new House, which will be really very pleasant.

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel around the World

This time twenty years you were going to me at Boulge Cottage: this time ten years you were preparing for India. I suppose, as Master of Trinity you could not do otherwise than marry, and so keep due State and Hospitality there: and I do think you could not have found one fitter to share, and do, the honours.

And if as I also suppose there is Love, or Liking, or strong Sympathy, or what not? Be it so! I suppose he will be a willing Victim to his Kinsfolk. A clerical Brother in law of mine has lost his own whole Fortune in four of these Companies which have gone to smash. Nor his own only.

All which rather amuses me, on the whole, though I spit out a Word now and then: and indeed am getting a Surveyor to overhaul the Builder: a hopeless Process, I believe all the while. No one could be a better Husband than he; no one more attentive and anxious during her last Illness, more than a year long; and, now all is over, I never saw him in better Health or Spirits. Men are not inconsolable for elderly Wives; as Sir Walter Scott, who was not given to caustic Aphorisms, observed long ago.

When I was sailing about the Isle of Wight, Dorsetshire, etc.