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Did she use the bow and arrow as a secondary weapon? This music sent shivers down my spine.

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I listen to everything from metallica to kenny g. Unfortunately, i feel like she is wasting it on a mostly younger crowd of teenagers who listen to todays garbage called music. Not many will notice it in the game. Thank you so much to all involved in the music in GOW the best game ever! The music of GOW is so beautiful Thank you very much for this amazing work.

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Faye is always in my heart because of it. Takao Uehara PlayStation. Blog Japan.

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    Song makes my hair stand up, simply beautiful. The poem was written as a remembrance for Barker's deceased mother and focuses on the things he knew he would miss about her. Mother 'o Mine by Rudyard Kipling was supposedly written as an apology to his mother for the sad ending to one of his books - she wanted a happy ending, so to ease her displeasure he composed the poem as a tribute to her. The poem tells the story of a mother who loves her child no matter what.

    The poet paints the picture of a mother's love making a broken person whole once more. To My Mother by Edgar Allan Poe speaks toward the important role mothers play in their children's lives and the world at large. Poe's mother died when he was very young, so he understood the importance of women who assume the mother role, even if they aren't actually mothers. Childhood by Rainer Maria Rilke talks about childhood memories that have slipped from the mind, only to be recalled when something unexpectedly trips the memory.

    It's largely a poem about how fragile childhood can be, yet alludes to how those childhood memories are important.

    Women Share Mom Memories That Matter

    It's a suitable poem to reflect on the passage of time. To My Mother by Christina Rossetti is quite a short poem, suitable for someone who doesn't want to say many words. The poet wrote this poem to celebrate her mother's birthday. The mention of giving flowers to the mother in the poem might make this a good poem to recite when surrounded by funeral flowers.

    Sonnets are Full of Love by Christina Rossetti is a sonnet written to celebrate the poet's "first love" - her mother. The poem speaks of the special love between a mother and her daughter and how that love is reciprocal. It reminded me of where my strength came from, my ability to keep moving when life got hard. I stood in the shade of an apple tree, watching my mom be The Mom again, loving that she was the example my kids should see—an example that has carried for generations, pulsing through my veins and heart and the way I mother, keeping me in the picture even when I was the one taking it, keeping her in the picture even when the kids and I got back home.

    When I had my babies, over the phone, she helped me know when to feed and how to soothe. She was my baby hotline, and when I felt frazzled, she was there to offer words of wisdom and to bring me from panic to practical action.

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    Those conversations mean so much to me, and they served not only to solidify our relationship of mother and daughter, but also as mothers together. She believes you can get your child a phone and still create a grass-beneath-their-bare-feet childhood for them. She liv This is wonderful, Galit! Thank you for including my mom and me!

    Thanks so much for including my story here! I love the little snapshots of motherhood we can find all over the web this time of year, and appreciate being able to share mine.

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