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Between and , Dr.

“This is not hunting,” Lynda McCormick said. “This is killing.”

Pekins counted ticks on moose calves at two locations in New Hampshire and Maine. The longer-lasting warmth gives the ticks a leg up as they glom onto the moose, their preferred hosts, in the fall.

They then feed through winter and hop off in the spring to lay eggs. The moose-tracking exploits of Dr.

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Pekins and his colleagues were published last month in the Canadian Journal of Zoology. With the help of a team that shoots nets from helicopters to catch and tag the calves with radio collars a process that takes about 15 minutes for the moose and eschews the use of drugs , Dr. Pekins was able to track moose calves. The hungry moose of Isle Royale National Park have been busy in recent years ravaging trees, noshing on aquatic plants and reproducing quickly.

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While predator wolves are being shipped to the Lake Superior island to better balance the ecosystem, some Michigan lawmakers are now pushing for a faster way: hunting. At its low point, the island had only two wolves. Now there are But Michigan legislators contend that program may not work well enough or fast enough before there is irreversible damage to the park. Controlled hunts of elk and other animals have been allowed at some national parks, but not on Isle Royale, officials there explained.

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Park managers considered and decided against a hunt a few years ago as part of an environmental impact study on the moose and wolf dilemma. The ,acre wilderness island has no roads, making it tough for hunters to find moose in the thick brush, much less haul moose carcasses out.

Johnson said Congress could enable hunting on the island, and the lack of roads and resources is what would make it attractive to some hunters. Several skilled hunters could be assigned a single permit and would be responsible for gutting and skinning the animals and packing the meat out, he said. Valencia said that was done with just a few moose to provide new wolves a first meal and encourage them to stay in a certain area.


Michigan Democrat Rep. John Chirkun, a hunter who endorses the resolution, argued hunting is less traumatic for moose than death by wolf. They could do it in conjunction.

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Wolves are being carefully introduced to the island in increments from various places to ensure a healthy genetic variability, Valencia explained. Wildlife managers expect it will take time for wolves to organize, establish territories and reproduce. Officials hope to have 20 to 30 wolves living on the island over the course of three to five years.

Pam Louwagie is a regional reporter for the Star Tribune. Small clearcuts with some softwood cover retained are better than large clearcuts of more than acres. Predators: The black bear is a significant predator of moose calves less than nine weeks old. Coyotes may also take an occasional calf. There are no predators of adult moose in New York State, but elsewhere in North America, wolves are their main predator. Parasites: Moose are susceptible to a parasite known as brainworm that infects the nervous system and usually causes death.

Other parasites such as liver flukes and lungworm can weaken a moose and make it susceptible to secondary infections.

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In other states with a higher moose density, winter ticks have become the main mortality factor for moose, but these ticks have not yet been documented in New York. The winter tick spends three life cycles on an individual animal, feeding on its blood during each cycle.

Vehicle Collisions: Vehicle collisions are a significant mortality factor for moose, especially where road densities are high. Moose are so tall that an automobile usually passes under the body, causing the moose to come over the hood into the windshield and onto the roof.

Too many moose? Michigan lawmakers push for hunt on Isle Royale National Park

Moose are most active from dusk to dawn, when their coloration makes them difficult to see in the roadway and their eyes are usually above the reach of car headlights. DEC is working with the Department of Transportation to develop warning methods for motorists in moose country. Research in other states has shown that vehicle speed is the most common factor leading to moose collisions, so the best way to avoid hitting a moose is to slow down, especially from dusk to dawn.

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  4. Moose entered the state on a continuous basis in the s, having been absent since the s. DEC collected reports of sightings between and as an informal way of monitoring the species' progress. As a result, DEC instituted a number of actions to follow until the moose population, or our understanding of it, changed substantially.

    DEC 1 supported the return of moose in the northern 14 counties of the state; 2 rejected a proposal to accelerate the natural return of moose through a translocation program; 3 recognized the need to monitor the species' progress, both to ensure its success and to meet public demand for information about moose; and 4 recognized the need to address nuisance situations. DEC biologists estimated that there are roughly moose in the Adirondack Region as of , though moose are also periodically seen in eastern Washington, Rensselaer, and Columbia counties.

    DEC is currently working to develop a standard procedure for estimating and monitoring the moose population. Future DEC actions include implementing studies to refine our knowledge of the factors affecting moose distribution and numbers in New York State, estimating key population characteristics e. Effective July 6, , the New York State Legislature amended section of the ECL concerning the disposition of moose carcasses resulting from vehicle collisions.