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I also managed to do well in a side event and finished the PCA with a profit.

Symphonic Prog • France

I was especially excited to play because I discovered that I'm one of eight players who have played this tournament all eight years it's been running. I must have spent three hours looking up all the players and crunching the stats.

See a Problem?

What can I say, I like to look at that kind of stuff! There weren't really any soft spots this year, but I thought I had a decent draw going against John Hennigan in the first round. While John is a tough player and I respect his game, I thought my chances were better against him than any of the online legends in the field. But on the fourth hand of our match, I three-bet ace-queen out of the big blind and hit a queen-high flop. I led out small and he moved in for almost a full stack. I didn't feel like he'd do that with a lot of hands that would beat me and I put him on something like queen-jack, king-queen, or a draw.

I snap-called and sure enough he showed king-queen. However, the turn came a king and I ended up being the first player out. I was so heartbroken. It was really exciting to get heads-up with one of my favorite players at the time he's still one of my favorite players, but now he's more like a peer. I didn't make it there in time to play Day 1A, so I registered for 1B. I fired two bullets, but unfortunately busted right after the dinner break in a pretty gross spot.

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I'll spare you the bad beat story but it was a two-outer. She has two children, a four-year old and a two-year old who is basically the same age as Lili. Since I busted the WPT and had another unexpected stretch of free time, I decided to fly out and join them. We spent ten days there, just relaxing, laughing, enjoying our surroundings and playing with the kids on the beach. Get your bonus. To contact the PokerStars Blog team, simply email blog pokerstars. View hand rankings.

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Check the FAQ. Check the dictionary. More on the Sunday Million. PokerStars has special offers running all year round, with cash prizes, seats to the best live events and much more. See the Special Offers. Qualify for the biggest live poker events in your region and around the world, with freerolls and satellite qualifiers running now.

It would be our second evacuation that year — just a few months earlier, we evacuated for Hurricane Dennis, which turned out to be a non-event. We had done it so many times before that there wasn't a sense of panic, but just a sense of this is what we have to do and let's get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. On Saturday morning, many of our staff and volunteers were at the shelter photographing all the animals; vaccinating all those that still needed to be vaccinated; providing health records for each; and making triplicate copies of the animals' paperwork.

Meanwhile, Kathryn dispatched a team to Baton Rouge to pick up rented climate-controlled box trucks for transporting animals while staff was placing hundreds of sand bags around the shelter in hopes of holding off the floodwater that soon would arrive. As with past weather events, the SPCA issued media advisories and alerts to the public urging them to evacuate with their animals. It works like an assembly line — a well-oiled process that's implemented with precision. Stunned, and in some cases unable to reach family members, Laura and her staff immediately returned to New Orleans to begin rescuing animals in the storm's path.

By Monday morning, their shelter was under water and could not be used as a rescue facility as it had been in past emergencies. We decided to set up camp at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, which was a horse show facility. When they arrived at Lamar-Dixon, it was empty except for the human shelter and the military and police who were making their way to the site. Laura bought and personally installed a wireless router to provide Internet access so that residents could contact them from wherever they landed. Initially, the military allowed the team to use the meeting rooms to organize, but they eventually were moved out as the military ramped up.

Cell phones weren't working and the Lamar phone lines were buzzing once people realized they were there. They came back in her truck, stayed at Lamar, and worked.

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By now, recognizing that the rescue effort would require far more resources than were available locally, Laura contacted her partners across the country for help. Over the next few days, dozens of animal welfare agencies joined the effort. And within a few weeks, thousands of volunteers would arrive to help. Laura and her staff were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from across the country. Within days the SPCA had more than 7, addresses on its rescue list — all animals that needed to be saved, most by volunteers going door-to-door throughout the flood-ravaged neighborhoods.

But Laura and her team remained central to the rescue effort. All you could think about were the animals. The clock was ticking and it was a matter of life and death. Laura vividly recalls the stresses she and her staff encountered during those horrible days. The only way we could stay focused and survive under those circumstances was just to focus on the task at hand without really absorbing the horror that was unfolding in our city. Some, in fact, didn't even know the whereabouts of their parents or children.

It was sad and heartbreaking and incredible to observe the handwriting, and how it changed and evolved day-to-day. It was like looking into a unique window of time, and I remember thinking that the handwriting seemed to reflect the stress and unbelievable circumstances that everyone was under. As for the shelter itself, Laura describes it in a word — chaos. But within that chaos, she says, 8, animals were saved. The temporary shelter was the largest animal shelter ever created, and it came together with astonishing speed. As Laura describes, they truly created a shelter out of thin air.

It was an animal shelter, and anyone in the shelter business knows that running and operating a shelter involves a highly complex set of skills, coordination, and management to care for the animals. In a normal scenario it's both challenging and emotional. Imagine doing so in a temporary, makeshift camp with hundreds of animals coming in every day under the surreal, heart-wrenching backdrop of Hurricane Katrina.

And it wasn't just dogs and cats. There were horses, birds, snakes, pigs, goats, rabbits, ferrets — any animal companion you can imagine. But she finds some measured peace when she receives a letter — even a year-and-a-half later — from someone thanking them for saving their pet.

For example, recently Laura received a letter and framed drawing from a resident whose parrot, Mango, was rescued from their home in Lakeview, one of the most devastated parts of the city. The family had not been permitted to bring Mango to the hotel to which they were evacuated.


So they left plenty of food and water, believing as many people did that they would be able to return home within a few days. Mango was one of the rescued birds housed at Lamar-Dixon, and the family ultimately located her in the home where she was being fostered. Laura also remembers a face-to-face thank you from a woman whose dog didn't survive the storm; rescuers were not able to reach him in time. She stayed for several days to volunteer.

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