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Created by Benjamin Cavell.

Damping with delta-time

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The automatic detection of satire vs. Recent approaches build upon corpora which have been labeled automatically based on article sources. We hypothesize that this encourages the models to learn characteristics for different publication sources e. We therefore propose a novel model for satire detection with an adversarial component to control for the confounding variable of publication source.

On a large novel data set collected from German news which we make available to the research community , we observe comparable satire classification performance and, as desired, a considerable drop in publication classification performance with adversarial training. Our analysis shows that the adversarial component is crucial for the model to learn to pay attention to linguistic properties of satire.

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Most of the proposed supervised and unsupervised methods for keyphrase generation are unable to produce terms that are valuable but do not appear in the text. In this paper, we explore the possibility of considering the keyphrase string as an abstractive summary of the title and the abstract. First, we collect, process and release a large dataset of scientific paper metadata that contains 2. Then we experiment with popular text summarization neural architectures. Despite using advanced deep learning models, large quantities of data and many days of computation, our systematic evaluation on four test datasets reveals that the explored text summarization methods could not produce better keyphrases than the simpler unsupervised methods, or the existing supervised ones.

Neural sequence-to-sequence models are currently the dominant approach in several natural language processing tasks, but require large parallel corpora. We apply the proposed model to unsupervised abstractive sentence compression, where the first and last sequences are the input and reconstructed sentences, respectively, while the middle sequence is the compressed sentence. Constraining the length of the latent word sequences forces the model to distill important information from the input. A pretrained language model, acting as a prior over the latent sequences, encourages the compressed sentences to be human-readable.

Continuous relaxations enable us to sample from categorical distributions, allowing gradient-based optimization, unlike alternatives that rely on reinforcement learning. The proposed model does not require parallel text-summary pairs, achieving promising results in unsupervised sentence compression on benchmark datasets.

Conducting a manual evaluation is considered an essential part of summary evaluation methodology. Traditionally, the Pyramid protocol, which exhaustively compares system summaries to references, has been perceived as very reliable, providing objective scores. Yet, due to the high cost of the Pyramid method and the required expertise, researchers resorted to cheaper and less thorough manual evaluation methods, such as Responsiveness and pairwise comparison, attainable via crowdsourcing. We revisit the Pyramid approach, proposing a lightweight sampling-based version that is crowdsourcable.

We analyze the performance of our method in comparison to original expert-based Pyramid evaluations, showing higher correlation relative to the common Responsiveness method.

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We release our crowdsourced Summary-Content-Units, along with all crowdsourcing scripts, for future evaluations. Serial recall experiments study the ability of humans to recall words in the order in which they occurred. The following serial recall effects are generally investigated in studies with humans: word length and frequency, primacy and recency, semantic confusion, repetition, and transposition effects.

In this research, we investigate neural language models in the context of these serial recall effects. Our work provides a framework to better understand and analyze neural language models and opens a new window to develop accurate language models. Concept map-based multi-document summarization has recently been proposed as a variant of the traditional summarization task with graph-structured summaries.

As shown by previous work, the grouping of coreferent concept mentions across documents is a crucial subtask of it. However, while the current state-of-the-art method suggested a new grouping method that was shown to improve the summary quality, its use of pairwise comparisons leads to polynomial runtime complexity that prohibits the application to large document collections. In this paper, we propose two alternative grouping techniques based on locality sensitive hashing, approximate nearest neighbor search and a fast clustering algorithm.

They exhibit linear and log-linear runtime complexity, making them much more scalable. We report experimental results that confirm the improved runtime behavior while also showing that the quality of the summary concept maps remains comparable. We introduce a new syntax-aware model for dependency-based semantic role labeling that outperforms syntax-agnostic models for English and Spanish.

We use a BiLSTM to tag the text with supertags extracted from dependency parses, and we feed these supertags, along with words and parts of speech, into a deep highway BiLSTM for semantic role labeling. Our model combines the strengths of earlier models that performed SRL on the basis of a full dependency parse with more recent models that use no syntactic information at all. SRL models benefit from syntactic information, and we show that supertagging is a simple, powerful, and robust way to incorporate syntax into a neural SRL system.

We propose a novel transition-based algorithm that straightforwardly parses sentences from left to right by building n attachments, with n being the length of the input sentence.

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Similarly to the recent stack-pointer parser by Ma et al.