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Murrow followed Armstrong with a camera crew on some of his worldwide excursions, turning the resulting footage into a theatrical documentary, Satchmo the Great , released in Though his popularity was hitting new highs in the s, and despite breaking down so many barriers for his race and being a hero to the African-American community for so many years, Armstrong began losing his standing with two segments of his audience: Modern jazz fans and young African Americans.

Bebop, a new form of jazz, had blossomed in the s. Featuring young geniuses such as Dizzy Gillespie , Charlie Parker and Miles Davis , the younger generation of musicians saw themselves as artists, not as entertainers. They saw Armstrong's stage persona and music as old-fashioned and criticized him in the press.

Armstrong fought back, but for many young jazz fans, he was regarded as an out-of-date performer with his best days behind him. The civil rights movement was growing stronger with each passing year, with more protests, marches and speeches from African Americans wanting equal rights. To many young jazz listeners at the time, Armstrong's ever-smiling demeanor seemed like it was from a bygone era, and the trumpeter's refusal to comment on politics for many years only furthered perceptions that he was out of touch.

When Armstrong saw this — as well as white protesters hurling invective at the students — he blew his top to the press, telling a reporter that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had "no guts" for letting Faubus run the country, and stating, "The way they are treating my people in the South, the government can go to hell. Armstrong's words made front-page news around the world. Though he had finally spoken out after years of remaining publicly silent, he received criticism at the time from both black and white public figures.

Not a single jazz musician who had previously criticized him took his side — but today, this is seen as one of the bravest, most definitive moments of Armstrong's life.

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Armstrong's four marriages never produced any children, and because he and wife Lucille Wilson had actively tried for years to no avail, many believed him to be sterile, incapable of having children. However, controversy regarding Armstrong's fatherhood struck in , when a girlfriend that the musician had dated on the side, Lucille "Sweets" Preston, claimed she was pregnant with his child. Preston gave birth to a daughter, Sharon Preston, in Shortly thereafter, Armstrong bragged about the child to his manager, Joe Glaser, in a letter that would later be published in the book Louis Armstrong In His Own Words Thereafter until his death in , however, Armstrong never publicly addressed whether he was in fact Sharon's father.

In recent years, Armstrong's alleged daughter, who now goes by the name Sharon Preston Folta, has publicized various letters between her and her father. The letters, dated as far back as , prove that Armstrong had indeed always believed Sharon to be his daughter, and that he even paid for her education and home, among several other things, throughout his life.

Perhaps most importantly, the letters also detail Armstrong's fatherly love for Sharon. While only a DNA test could officially prove whether a blood relationship does exist between Armstrong and Sharon — and one has never been conducted between the two — believers and skeptics can at least agree on one thing: Sharon's uncanny resemblance to the jazz legend.

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Armstrong continued a grueling touring schedule into the late '50s, and it caught up with him in , when he had a heart attack while traveling in Spoleto, Italy. The musician didn't let the incident stop him, however, and after taking a few weeks off to recover, he was back on the road, performing nights a year into the s. Armstrong was still a popular attraction around the world in , but hadn't made a record in two years.

The Jazz Style of Miles Davis: Trumpet Book: Miles Davis

In December of that year, he was called into the studio to record the title number for a Broadway show that hadn't opened yet: Hello, Dolly! The record was released in and quickly climbed to the top of the pop music charts, hitting the No. This newfound popularity introduced Armstrong to a new, younger audience, and he continued making both successful records and concert appearances for the rest of the decade, even cracking the "Iron Curtain" with a tour of Communist countries such as East Berlin and Czechoslovakia in In , Armstrong recorded a new ballad, "What a Wonderful World.

Armstrong sang his heart out on the number, thinking of his home in Queens as he did so, but "What a Wonderful World" received little promotion in the United States. The tune did, however, become a No. By , Armstrong's grueling lifestyle had finally caught up with him. Heart and kidney problems forced him to stop performing in That same year, his longtime manager, Joe Glaser, passed away. Armstrong spent much of that year at home, but managed to continue practicing the trumpet daily. By the summer of , Armstrong was allowed to perform publicly again and play the trumpet. After a successful engagement in Las Vegas, Armstrong began taking engagements around the world, including in London and Washington, D.

However, a heart attack two days after the Waldorf gig sidelined him for two months. Armstrong returned home in May , and though he soon resumed playing again and promised to perform in public once more, he died in his sleep on July 6, , at his home in Queens, New York. Since his death, Armstrong's stature has only continued to grow.

In the s and '90s, younger African-American jazz musicians like Wynton Marsalis, Jon Faddis and Nicholas Payton began speaking about Armstrong's importance, both as a musician and a human being. A series of new biographies on Armstrong made his role as a civil rights pioneer abundantly clear and, subsequently, argued for an embrace of his entire career's output, not just the revolutionary recordings from the s.

Chaînes à la une

Armstrong's home in Corona, Queens was declared a National Historic Landmark in ; today, the house is home to the Louis Armstrong House Museum , which annually receives thousands of visitors from all over the world. One of the most important figures in 20th century music, Armstrong's innovations as a trumpeter and vocalist are widely recognized today, and will continue to be for decades to come. Hot jazz remained popular until a surge in swing bands in the s pushed hot jazz groups out of the clubs.

With its origins in New Orleans in the early s, hot jazz is a blend of ragtime, blues, and brass band marches. In New Orleans, small bands played hot jazz at community events ranging from dances to funerals, making the music an integral part of the city.

Improvisation is an essential aspect of Dixieland jazz and has remained an integral part of most, if not all, jazz styles that followed. A hot jazz ensemble traditionally includes a trumpet or cornet , clarinet, trombone, tuba, banjo, and drums. I purchased the download and tranferred it to my MP3 player. After listening to a couple of the songs over and over again, I sat down at the piano and started playing different chord variations and before I knew it, I was playing along with the music.

At my next piano lesson, I connected my MP3 player to a set of portable speakers and played my "improv" for my teacher. She was very surprised at what I had accomplished.

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It is now part of the lesson plan. Out of all of my music books, this has quickly become my favorite. It allows me to be creative. Currently unavailable. It is so good to hear a young guy who can really play cool jazz trumpet and other brass instruments. I think he is the Miles Davis torch bearer and if given the same artistic backing to explore his talent as Miles had he will not let me down. He is a Brass player not just trumpet really great stuff, I cannot say one song is better than the other they are all excellent in my opinion especially if you like cool jazz of the 50's.

I am very happy with the CD and recommend all Have Trumpet Will Excite! Graham toronto, ontario Canada.

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The two albums in this set were recorded for the Verve label in New York City back on February 17, 18 and 20, The sound quality stereo on these Fresh Sound CD's is excellent. The original liner notes, album cover artwork and photographs are all contained in the CD booklet for your perusal. Dizzy's small group was made up of some fine young players who were just beginning to establish themselves in the music industry. Everyone plays well, especially Junior Mance who lends much character to the overall band sound and Sam Jones whose bass playing is superb.

And then there is the trumpet player Mellow and unhurried, he weaves line after Pops Goes the Trumpet. If you like trumpet music, this is a good one for you. It's not jazz, though. Eli, Eli is just beautiful. He said it was one of his favorites. I purchased this album, only because amazon doesnt have any Vic Mensa.